If you are coming to our page, chances are you are new to the online world and are looking on how to pick up some solid hosting services at the best price possible. You are probably like most and have questions about what qualities should be present in some of the best web hosting options.

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Our #1 Choice

-$100 Credit For Google Advertising
- Free Site Builder w/ 300+ Themes
- Free Emails
- Unlimited Space & Bandwidth





The most affordable

-$100 Credit For Google Advertising
- Free Site Builder w/ 300+ Themes
- Free Emails
- Unlimited Space & Bandwidth





Realiable and Affordable

-Anytime Money Back Guarantee
-Free Domain Name Included
-Unlimited Space & Bandwidth





-$100 Credit For Google Advertising
-4,500 Free Website Templates
-Unlimited Space & Bandwidth




For The Everyday User

-$50 Social Networking Ad Credit
-Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
-Free Domain Name Included




Solid Company

-Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
-Free Instant Setup Included
-Free Domain Name Included



InMotion Hosting

Fast & Flexible

-Blazing Fast SSD Hosting!
-Increased Disk Space & Bandwidth
- Keep 100% Of The Money You Collect




Great Customer Support

- Unlimited Domains
- Drag & Drop Site Builder
- Free Domain Name




Cheap & Affordable

-Free Domain or Domain Transfer
-99% Uptime Guarantee
-30 Day Money Back Guarantee





- Unlimited Domains
-1,000s of Templates
- Moneyback Guarantee
-Unlimited Email Accounts



Hosting Services And Their Support

For me support is a huge factor when choosing a server hosting provider. The majority of the companies offer 24/7 customer support via phone, chat or email. Some also offer forums as well for users to discuss their issues. To our team 24/7 support is a must. Your website works for you 24/7 and you need to be running at all times or get support when you need it. Some providers outsource their support, while others have it in house. Regardless, we have found that all of these providers we recommend have very solid support.

Cheap Web Hosting Services And Their Security

Depending on the user there may be different types of security levels needed. However if you’re just starting out any of the cheap web hosting companies listed should suit your needs. if you are in need of larger amounts of security do to personal information or an ecommerce store it is recommended that you choose a host with an SSL (secure socket layer) or at least that it can be added on top of the plan. What is SSL you ask? It is a security measure that encrypts the data between the webserver and that browser. It ensures that all this data remains private. The last thing you want to do is not have this if you are processing customer’s credit cards. If any of this info leaked out, then it could tarnish your whole business.

Best Web Hosting Services With Guaranteed Uptime

Almost all of the best web hosting companies pride themselves in their uptime. When they state that they have a 99.9% uptime what does this mean? Let’s start by talking about the purpose of a server. The server hosting services job is to keep your website up and running all day everyday. Uptime is the time when your website is able to be viewed on the web. When they add the guarantee it really means the reliability in which the the company stands behind their servers. All of the providers we have listed should have a 99% uptime, but remember it is important to look at what other customers are saying about the host. All of the host we have listed in the table, we have used over the past several years and can only remember a few times when the site was down but only for a very short period of time. We can safely say that we recommend any of these cheap web hosting companies.

Server Hosting Services And Unlimited Space/Bandwidth

This is a tricky one, almost all hosting services say that they offer unlimited space & bandwidth, but it is important to read the fine details of these server hosting companies. Typically there is a file count that is allowed at the minimum hosting level, however it is very simple to upgrade to the next level of service for only a few bucks a month. Typically if you are just starting out though this will be sufficient for what you need to get your website up and running.